<3 Thanks again to the amazing Jonah Scott for voicing Jean in this script. I noted that some people were in fact scared of Jean in his first Yandere audio, so I decided to take it down a notch. It made sense to anyway because, to me, Jean would be the type to try and control the hell out of his OLD (Obsessive Love Disorder) unless he hits the final stage of it.

This script made me love Jean more than I did. Which is odd for a Yandere script. Please Enjoy <3

Jean Kirschtein - Jonah Scott (askjeanvoice)
Script/Audio mix by Michaela Laws

Follow along with YOUR script below~~~


YOUR SITUATION: You just finished your cleaning duties (Finally!). However, as you return to your room, you seen your boyfriend, Jean, waiting for you.

(You’re heading into your room, but as you close the door, you are shocked to see Jean sitting on your bed.)

Welcome back. It took you a while to finish your cleaning duties. What took you so long? (You ask him why he’s in your room.) I just wanted to see you. You know, cause we’re together and all, I just figured that was okay. Is there anything wrong with just wanting to see the person I love? (You say no. He just surprised you. That’s all.) Alright then.

Come over here. I wanna hold you. It’s been a while. (You hesitate a bit, not sure as to why he wants to cuddle all of a sudden.) Come here. Sit with me. (You decide to sit beside him, feeling him wrap his arms around you and whisper sweet love into your ear… however, as he speaks, the words get a little odd..)

You know I love you, right? I will do anything I can to protect you and keep you from harm. You are my everything and I would never. Ever. Hurt you. I will never look at any other person but you. I swore to you to give you everything and I will keep my promise. I will love ONLY you. (You finally ask him why he’s acting odd and try to move away, but he pulls you back into his embrace.)

Does Marco mean anything to you? (You say ‘What?’) Does Marco Mean Anything To You? (You turn fully to him and say he’s your friend. You also mention how Marco is Jean’s friend as well.) Yeah. ‘Friend’. Friends don’t try to steal and take the people you love away. (You say ‘Huh??’) Oh please. Don’t tell me you don’t see it. Marco adores you. He’s practically all over you whenever I’m not around to hold you. I know that he’s only with me to get to you.. (You say it can’t be true. It truly isn’t!) Is it? Are you sure? Because I can see it clear as day. He wants to try and take you away from me!

(You tell him he’s being paranoid.) Paranoid? PARANOID? No shit I’m paranoid! My supposed best friend has been hitting on the person I love! Someone whom I love and care for with every part of my fucking being! What makes things worse is that you don’t seem to see it… or.. Are you hiding something from me? (You say ‘What?!’ again at his question.) Don’t lie to me! You promised to never leave me! What is going on between you and him?! (You tell him to calm down.) NO! I WON’T CALM DOWN! I WANT TO KNOW NO— (Having had enough, you move and kiss him to try and calm him down. As you pull away, you say that nothing is going on between you and Marco.)

… Y-…you’re right.. I.. I-i’m sorry.. I.. oh my god, it’s getting worse… This fucking disorder.. I.. I’m…

I’m losing control…